Forbes • Mar 6, 2019

Five Must-Have Tools For Modern IT

…In particular, the following five tools are, in my experience, absolute must-haves for any manager looking to implement a truly modern IT setup.

…The bottom line: For networks deploying containers, Kasten allows for reliable backup and migration with scalable capabilities.

Forbes • Dec 15, 2018

Top Nine Vendor Highlights From KubeCon

…Not only were early versions of Kubernetes stateless, they also supported the orchestration of containers within a single cluster. Today, however, Kubernetes vendors are expanding its use beyond individual clusters.

Kasten is riding both these waves. This vendor offers data protection and migration capabilities – which sound like two different things, but actually work hand-in-hand.

Intellyx • Dec 14, 2018

Kasten: Data Protection and Portability Across Hybrid Clouds and Container Clusters

…Kasten Founder and CEO Niraj Tolia experienced the challenges of managing enterprise data centers as virtualization and cloud started taking hold. Now his company’s K10 Platform envisions this process as a single ‘data pipeline’ that can protect data in transit from unauthorized use or unintended copies.…

AWS • Nov 27, 2018

AWS Announces Kasten's K10 Platform in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog, has announced that you can now find and buy more than 180 curated and trusted container products in AWS Marketplace and through the Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS) console. Container products are offered in popular categories such as high performance computing, security, and developer tools.

InfoWorld • Jul 26, 2018

How Kubernetes conquers stateful cloud-native applications

Kasten's Niraj Tolia authored this
feartured article for InfoWorld.
Kubernetes has added many layers of support for building stateful applications and managing them at scale. It’s only a start.

Techcrunch • Jul 18, 2018

Kasten Launches K10 on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace for Data Management of Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

Google is adding both commercial and open source container-based applications to the service, which users can easily deploy to the Google Kubernetes Engine (or any other Kubernetes service). ... The solutions that are in the marketplace today include developer tools like GitLab, graph database Neo4j, the Kasten data management service, as well as open-source projects like WordPress, Spark, Elasticsearch, Nginx and Cassandra.

Additional coverage of Kasten's product in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace
Globe Newswire • Jul 18, 2018

Kasten Launches K10 on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace for Data Management of Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

Kasten, a cloud-native data management company, today announced its K10 platform is now available to all users of the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP Marketplace). ... For the first time ever, K10 is now available to deploy with one click to Google Kubernetes Engine with a usage-based pricing model. Commercial Kubernetes applications can be deployed on-premise or even on other public clouds through the GCP Marketplace.

451 Research • May 17, 2018

Hard hat area: Building blocks being assembled into 'cloud native' platforms

Addressing what it believes to be a significant gap in the cloud native sector, Los Altos, California, startup Kasten offers data management for cloud native applications. Founded in 2017, the company is specifically targeting enterprises that need tobuild, deploy and manage stateful cloud native applications.

The New Stack Podcast • Apr 11, 2018

Discussing Microservices, DevOps and Data with Kasten’s Georgi Matev

Georgi Matev, head of product at Kasten, spends a lot of time specifically thinking about how this issue plays out under Kubernetes. Kasten offers an open source data management platform, Kanister, that runs on Kubernetes. He said one of the problems facing data management, and DevOps in general, in container-based environments is the question of responsibility inside the teams.

The New Stack • Apr 9, 2018

DevOps Is the Secret Ingredient to Make Microservices Cook

...Today, we know that stateful and stateless applications can both happily coexist in the cloud, but the actual day-to-day work of managing that data isn’t always easy. Georgi Matev, head of product at Kasten, said that, “What we are seeing is that data is following the same pattern as we’ve seen on the compute side. As things break into smaller and more logically sized components, the same makes sense on the data side.”...

Gestalt IT • Mar 23, 2018

Kasten Brings Enterprise Storage Features to Cloud-Native Applications

Kasten isn’t trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by porting enterprise storage or applications into the cloud. Instead they’re leveraging the new stateless applications and management frameworks to deliver traditional storage and data management features to cloud-native apps. And they’re leveraging the wisdom of application developers to create a framework of knowledge they can use. Very smart all around!

SiliconANGLE • Feb 12, 2018

The data-governance debacle and the cloud-native solution

The shift toward cloud-native infrastructure has advantages in software application flexibility, providing businesses particular value when it comes to data governance. But technical challenges have inhibited enterprise adoption, notably in getting an application to run in multiple environments with varied underlying infrastructures.

CUBE Conversations | theCUBE - • Jan 24, 2018

Niraj Tolia, Kasten | Cube Conversations

Niraj Tolia, CEO & Co-Founder at Kasten sits down with John Furrier for a Cube Conversation.

Software Engineering Daily • Jan 17, 2018

Kubernetes State Management with Niraj Tolia

Niraj Tolia is CEO of Kasten, a company that provides data management, backups, and disaster recovery for Kubernetes applications. Niraj joins the show to describe how Kubernetes deployments manage state, and what the modern business environment is around Kubernetes.

Container Journal • Jan 10, 2018

Kasten Rises to Container Data Management Challenge

One of the biggest unmet challenges associated with building microservices based on containers is managing all the data attached to them. As microservices dynamically appear and disappear, keeping track of what is being used or needs to be made available becomes a significant IT operational headache.

To address that issue, Kasten has developed a K10 platform to dynamically apply policies to data being accessed by containerized applications deployed on top of a Kubernetes cluster.

Virtualization & Cloud Review • Jan 9, 2018

Important Announcements Made at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2017

Kasten, another company that came out of stealth, announced and launched two new products: its K10 Platform and its open source project Kanister. These products are designed to enable enterprises to build, deploy and manage stateful containerized applications to scale.

Cloudy Chat Podcast • Jan 3, 2018

Cloud-native data management with Kasten CEO Niraj Tolia

Kasten recently emerged from stealth and has released kanister, an extensible open-source framework for application-level data management on Kubernetes--as well as a commercial offering that builds on it. In this podcast, CEO Niraj Tolia discusses the increased need to manage storage used with Kubernetes at scale, the challenges of complex distributed apps, and the need for app-centric approaches that make infrastructure "boring" (to use my colleague Clayton Coleman's term).

The Cloudcast • Dec 10, 2017

The Cloudcast #324 - Data Management as a Kubernetes Service

Brian talks with Niraj Tolia (@nirajtolia, Co-Founder/CEO of @KastenHQ) at KubeCon about the evolution of data management with cloud and containers, the Kasten K10 platform and open source Kanister project, how Kubernetes is changing how we interact and manage data, and how a new approaches to data management can benefit from the CNCF community of projects.

Storage Review • Dec 8, 2017

Kasten Comes Out Of Stealth With Its K10 Platform For Stateful Containers

At KubeCon in Austin, TX, the cloud-native data management company, Kasten, came out of stealth and announced the release of its K10 platform. This new platform uses a novel application-centric approach to enable enterprises to meet business continuity and compliance requirements around stateful container based applications running at scale on public and private Kubernetes deployments. Aside from K10, the company also announced its open source project that is an extensible framework for application-level data management, Kanister.

The Register • Dec 7, 2017

Software vendors line up Kubernetes tasting menu for devops

With the advent of KubCon and CloudNativeCon in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, assorted enterprise vendors have chosen this week to flog their latest devops-oriented wares, before the impending holiday torpor leaves IT folks too distracted, weary or inebriated to care.

In the interest of jargon pruning and hype deflation, we present a few such developments here in brief as a sort of Kubernetes-flavored turducken.

Forbes • Dec 6, 2017

Kasten Launches With K10 and Kanister For Kubernetes

Kasten has launched out of stealth at KubeCon in Austin, TX, calling itself "the cloud native data-management company" and has two products ready for you to try. Since Kasten was only founded in January 2017, that's pretty impressive.

Firstly, it has its platform offering, called K10, which takes an application-centric view of data management. K10 uses a policy and workload view to define whether or not a set of data needs to be protected, and how. There's an easy-to-understand interface to show operators if workloads are being protected or not, and it automatically discovers new workloads with the same characteristics, and automatically starts protecting them.

SD Times • Dec 6, 2017

KubeCon: CoreOS Tectonic, open source Kubernetes Tools from Oracle, Kasten, and more

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation kicked off their KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America conference, dedicated to Kubernetes and cloud native technologies, in Austin, Texas today with the announcement of 31 new members, including AppsCode, CA, Datadog, Grafana Labs, InfluxData, HPE and Kasten.

PR Newswire • Dec 6, 2017

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Kicks Off KubeCon + CloudNativeCon With 31 New Members

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes® and Prometheus™, today announced that Kasten is one of the 31 new members joining the Foundation.

DataCenterNews • Dec 6, 2017

Kasten emerges from the shadows with new data management platform

Kasten is a cloud-native data management company that has emerged from stealth to release a new service, the K10 platform.

Announced at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, K10 uses a novel application-centric approach to help enterprises meet business continuity and compliance requirements around stateful container-based applications running at scale on public and private Kubernetes deployments.

Diversity Limited, Ben Kepes • Dec 5, 2017

Kasten wants to reinvent data in a Kubernetes world. But what does that mean

Ever since Docker popularized the concept of containers, there has been all manner of organizations whose stated aims have been to reinvent a particular part of infrastructure for the new, container-centric world. In Weaveworks case, it’s a case of reinventing networking for containers. For Portworx it’s about storage. For Twistlock it’s about security. These companies, depending on which way you look at it, have either identified a very real hole or jumped onto a bandwagon.

VentureBeat • Dec 5, 2017

Kasten launches to simplify data management for container apps

Kasten is a new startup that emerged from stealth today aiming to help companies better manage their data in an era of containerized applications.

While software containers are great at providing a portable, isolated, and lightweight execution environment for applications, they’re not as good at working natively with applications that need to maintain an internal state. Kasten’s software, K10, helps with this by tracking data on a per-container level and allowing customers to set up rules for how it should be managed.

SiliconANGLE • Dec 5, 2017

Kasten launches data management platform to tackle new needs of software containers

As adoption of application containers continues to expand, more companies run up against the challenges involved in deploying the technology on a large scale. A startup called Kasten Inc. exited stealth mode today to tackle one of the biggest obstacles: data management.

Dec 5, 2017

In the age of Kubernetes, Kasten emerges to reinvent data management for enterprises

Kasten, the cloud-native data management company, emerged from stealth and released its K10 platform. K10 uses a novel application-centric approach to enable enterprises to meet business continuity and compliance requirements around stateful container based applications running at scale on public and private Kubernetes deployments.

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