K10 enables backup, recovery, migration, and copy management for stateful Kubernetes applications at scale in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

K10 Starter
Get started using K10 today at no charge
Use on up to 50 nodes for 1 month and 3 nodes after at no charge
Use without feature or time limit restrictions
Perfect for small deployments or evaluations
K10 Enterprise
Unlock K10's full potential
Deploy with ease on clusters of any size
Robust and dependable data management at scale
Best for production environments where reliability is key
K10 is a unique application-centric data management platform for all public and private Kubernetes deployments that balances the needs of operators and developers making it easier to build, deploy, and manage stateful containerized applications at scale.

Data management starting at the application level and balancing the needs of operators and developers

Ops Focused

Simplifies compliance management
Enables policy-based automation
Provides global visibility

Developer Friendly

Supports complex applications
Preserves developer control
Allows extensibility